A unified cloud-based

prescription platform

See how our standalone e-prescription platform can help make your practice more efficient and effective.

Cloud-powered ePrescribing for a better patient experience


Enhanced for remote management, facilitating medication orders for patients receiving care at home.

Patient Charting

Advanced charting integrating real-time data from RPM devices for accurate, up-to-date patient records.

Hospital at Home

Tools specifically designed for delivering hospital-level care in a home setting.

RPM Integration

Robust integration capabilities with a range of RPM vendors for comprehensive patient monitoring.

Analytics and Reporting

Leveraging RPM data for detailed analytics and insights into patient health trends and care efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Rigorous adherence to privacy and regulatory standards, crucial for remote healthcare delivery.

Customizable Integrated Services Platform

PrescribeNow’s Integrated Services Platform is highly customizable with options ranging from fully outsourced to API-enabled offerings.


Submit prescription orders instantly from your patient’s charts

Patient Charting

Save time by charting efficiently through the intuitive interface

Appointment Scheduling & Patient Engagement

Engage with your patients before and after their visit

Digital Health

Integrate with Telehealth vendors to see
simultaneous video of patients while charting


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